Matrixed Technology

Matrixed Technology is ANTG’s Premier Designer Fertilizer Technology for Dry Granular Products

Key aspects of Matrixed Technology is granulation, densification, formulation, the how and when of delivering nutrients, and homogeneous properties. Understanding and properly applying our novel technology supports the development of our products and their commercialization.

Matrixed Properties

Matrixed Properties

Matrixed Technology is a novel particle-compounding technique to ensure that more nutrients are evenly released into the turf. As demonstrated by the pictures, nutrients are embedded into the granule. Rather than mixing different types or nutrient particles into a single fertilizer granule, ANTG develops products so that each particle contains every vital nutrient.

Each granule is homogeneous ensuring a more even, sustainable timed release application of nutrients.

Synthetic Products: Nitrogen Polymer combined with Synthetic Nutrients

Microscopic View:

Outer Shell Properties

Outer Shell Properties

Cross Section Properties

Cross Section Properties




19-0-19 90 SGN

Bridge Products: Nitrogen Polymer combined with Synthetic and Natural and Organic Nutrients