Intellectual Property

6,225,258 Controlled release pesticide and fertilizer briquettes
6,120,574Slow release fertilizer spike
6,080,221Vacuum coated particulate fertilizers
6,048,378Highly available particulate controlled release nitrogen fertilizer
6,045,810Reinforced-resin coated plant food granules
5,449,394Nonpolymeric condensed ammonia, urea, formaldehyde liquid fertilizer
5,411,568Highly available waste based nitrogen fertilizer
5,374,294Controlled release potassium divalent metal phosphate fertilizer
5,354,350Citrate soluble slow release iron humate
5,308,373Metal ammonium phosphate-alkylene urea buffered fertilizer
5,266,097Aminoureaformaldehyde fertilizer method and composition
5,240,490Non-destructive recovery of natural nitrogen products
5,125,952Storage-stable melamine dispersion
5,021,247High integrity natural nitrogenous granules for agriculture
5,021,077High integrity natural nitrogenous granules for agriculture
4,997,469High integrity, low odor, natural based nitrogenous granules for agriculture
4,969,947One-step method of coating nutrient particles
4,804,403Attrition-resistant, controlled release fertilizers
4,781,749Polymethylene urea fertilizer solution
4,711,659Attrition resistant controlled release fertilizers
4,579,580Urea-methylolurea plant food composition
4,578,105Stable ureaform dispersion fertilizers
4,519,831Method of converting sewage sludge to fertilizer
RE31,801Urea-formaldehyde solution for foliar fertilization
4,483,877Method of producing silage
4,427,719Method of dedusting metal sulfate granules
4,304,588Foliar feed compositions
4,297,130Method for increasing the number of pods in legumes by foliar feeding
4,244,727Urea-formaldehyde solution for foliar fertilization
4,145,207Preparation of improved foliar fertilizer
4,033,745Non-burning storable liquid fertilizer
3,970,625Production of urea-formaldehyde concentrates
3,939,255Process for production of ammonium polyphosphates
3,933,459High-magnesium ammonium polyphosphate solutions