Product Development

ANTG R&D is the research and product development branch of Wilson Group Companies, a vertically integrated toll manufacturing operation composed of several companies that offer solutions in research and product development (ANTG R&D), commercial manufacturing (UFF), packaging, warehousing, and product shipping (CP&P). The description below outlines the process in which ANTG R&D takes a product from formulation to full-scale commercial manufacturing.


1. Establish Product Parameters

When developing a new product, ANTG first establishes the prospective needs of our client. At this stage, ANTG’s developmental research team communicates with clients to gather information on specified product parameters and address client expectations. In the event a client needs assistance conceptualizing a product, ANTG’s experienced team are available to provide recommendations and information relevant to the client’s product needs. ANTG’s product development costs and terms will be discussed after conceptualizing the product.

DSC_00442. Product Formulation

Once the client’s product parameters are finalized, ANTG personnel uses state of the art software to construct a digital profile of the product. This digital profile allows ANTG’s technicians to run pilot scale tests to develop a potential product.



P12603213. Qualify Formulation Pilot Scale

At this stage, the ANTG pilot plant develops a sample of the product. ANTG uses its patented technology and equipment to conduct a preliminary pilot plant trial.



P12602954. Analyze Pilot Scale Product

The product created in the pilot scale stage at the ANTG facility will be analyzed to ensure the product specifications have been met and determine if any alterations or corrections need to be made to the products design.



DSC_00905. Evaluation & Customer Approval

Once a product has been formulated and a preliminary sample of the product has been created and refined at the pilot scale, ANTG is able to evaluate feasibility, time, and cost associated with full scale manufacturing. ANTG will provide the customer with this information and a sample of the product for their approval.



DSC_00516. Generate Product for Field Tests

If applicable, ANTG offers clients the option of pilot plant manufacturing a 100-200 pound quantity of the product which can be used in field tests to ensure product quality and results in the products application.



P12606987. Commercial Scale Manufacturing

Once the product has been approved by the client, the product is ready to scale up to commercial production manufacturing.



Questions and inquiries about the services ANTG Research and Development provides can be directed to an ANTG R&D representative by calling 804-732-6551 or visiting our Contact page for further contact information.