Integration and Synergy

Wilson Group Companies is composed of several affiliated companies which function as a vertically integrated fertilizer manufacturing operation for liquid and granulated products. This allows Wilson Group Companies to increase productivity, improve efficiency, and operate cost effectively at every stage of the toll manufacturing process. Whatever your need, Wilson Group Companies will have a solution.

Vertically Integrated Toll Manufacturer

• ANTG R&D- Research and Development
• UFF- Commercial Manufacturing
• CP&P- Warehouse Logistical Services


Research and Development

• Laboratory Research
• Product Formulation
• Pilot Scale Production
• Field Evaluation


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Commercial Manufacturing

• Commercial Manufacturing
• Handling and Processing


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Warehouse Logistical Services

• Product Packaging
• Internal Transportation
• Warehouse Logistics
• Product Distribution


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  • Laboratory Research and Formulation of a product that will fit your customized specifications and intended application
  • Pilot Scale Production to manufacture product for field evaluation

  • Handling, Processing, and Manufacturing of raw materials to commercially manufacture your product


  • Packaging of product into bulk or consumer amounts
  • Internal transportation between manufacturing packaging and warehousing operations
  • Warehouse Logistical Services for distribution of product

Benefits of Vertical Integration for Customers:

  • Allows our companies to function independently
  • Improves efficiency and supply chain coordination
  • Decreases operating costs and transportation expenses
  • Reduces turnaround time for customers
  • Eliminates potential price mark ups a customer might experience when dealing with a third party
  • Increased process control allows for greater regulation of product quality
  • Increased coordination in the delivery of raw materials and supplies

For your product to reach your end customer, resources, activities, and technologies need to be invested throughout this supply chain. When an operation is NOT vertically integrated, this will result in your company dealing with third-party individuals and organizations throughout this process. Lack of coordination between companies and additional transportation expenses can result in decreased efficiency, increased costs, and delayed turnaround times.

wilgroup_2-(1)Wilson Group Companies is internationally recognized as a leader in the specialty fertilizer granulation industry. We are constantly expanding our operations through the opening of new facilities, investments in new technologies, and development of highly specialized assets to assist in the development of superior products and more efficient manufacturing services, at highly competitive prices.