Ben Wilson, PhD, Owner/President

Ben Wilson, PhD, owns and operates several integrated businesses in Dinwiddie and Prince George Counties, Virginia under Wilson Group Companies over the past twenty-five years. He is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelors of Science, University of Tennessee Masters of Science, and a PhD from the University of Nebraska across different Agricultural Science disciplines. Past employment was with a major chemical company and at Virginia State University in a researching and teaching position. The focuses of his businesses are product research and development (ANTG R&D), fertilizer manufacturing (United Fertilizer Technologies), animal feed manufacturing (Granco Minerals), and warehouse, processing and packaging (Consolidated Process & Packaging). He is actively growing his current business and expanding into new businesses in the region. Dr.Wilson has 30 years experience in technology development of fertilizer, animal nutrition and plastic polymer technology applications. He has been instrumental in developing several patents supporting mechanical and chemical methodologies in animal nutrition and fertilizer that are currently commercialized. The companies have years of experience in developing and commercializing designer animal nutrition and fertilizer products utilizing technologies developed in house, such as sequential release, controlled release and nutrient modification using precipitated, fused and reaction based chemistry, acid-base reactions, hydrolysis, physical, chemical and Densified granulation technologies, encapsulation, and polymerization. Wilson Group Companies are recognized as leaders in the development and commercialization of cutting edge animal nutrition and fertilizer technologies.

Jerry W. Martin, Manager of Product Development & Quality Control

Jerry joined the ANTG-RD team in 1993 and in the 24 years he has been a part of Wilson Group Companies, has proven to be a consistent, hard working, and diligent Manager of Research and Development. Jerry has expert training in using the state-of-the-art laboratory and pilot plant equipment needed to develop new products and analyze existing products, including the Perkin Elmer Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, LECO Combustion Furnace, and Skalar Segmented Flow Analyzer. Jerry oversees product formulation and development, product quality control, environmental compliance testing, and analytical laboratory tasks. Jerry is an integral part of the research and product development side of Wilson Group Companies. Jerry works closely with ANTG and other affiliated Wilson Group Companies.

Ben Clary, Floor Supervisor

Ben Clary joined the ANTG-RD team in February of 2008 after attending Richard Bland College. In the 9 years Ben has been an employee, he has shown an exemplary work ethic, attention to detail, and leadership qualities. You will find Ben in the lab or out and about the ANTG facility attending to his duties as Floor Supervisor for ANTG R&D. Ben functions as an essential part of the vertically integrated system Wilson Group Companies has developed to streamline and synergize the entire toll manufacturing process of fertilizer development, manufacturing, warehousing, and shipping. Ben works closely with the other affiliated Wilson Group Companies including UFT, ANA, and CP&P to ensure quality control and the coordination of shipping and handling. His daily duties include shipping and receiving, lab analysis, and quality control.

Judith L. Griffith, Corporate Controller

Judy started in a secretarial position for the dairy consulting and animal vitamin-mineral supplement branch of Wilson Group Companies after working in the accounting department of a major retail chain. Her role at Wilson Group Companies has grown to include management of the accounting and human resources departments. Over 35 years with Wilson Group Companies, she has seen the growth of the existing companies and the founding of new companies that have expanded to global status with successful, patented and trademarked products that enrich the agricultural community, whether fertilizer or animal feed related. Judy’s work ethic and tenacity has made her an integral part in the cohesiveness of Wilson Group Companies.

Christy M. Perkins, Director of Logistics

Christy has been a part of Wilson Group Companies since 2004. Before joining our team, Christy worked for an excavation company where she oversaw payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, procurement, and scheduling. She brought her experience with her when joining our team as Director of Logistics and has been an exceptional employee over the 12 years she has been with Wilson Group Companies. Christy Perkins has over 23 total years of experience with her professional duties, education from John Tyler Comm. College and J. Sargent Reynolds Comm. College, and is a certified Notary Public. Ms. Perkins joined our staff as our Customer Service and Logistics Manager over 12 years ago and from her first day has excelled at connecting with, assessing the needs of, and successfully working towards solutions with our customers. Christy’s duties with our company include procurement, logistic, inventory, and customer service. She’s an integral part in the vertically integrated system Wilson Group Companies.

Anthony Jardine, Vice President of Manufacturing/ Co-Owner

Anthony is the co-owner and Vice President of Manufacturing at United Fertilizer Technologies (UFT) where he functions as the onsite plant director. His previous experience includes field engineering across multiple disciplines that include electrical, mechanical and I&C electronics. He possesses a Master Electrician Certification, Journeyman Certification of Competency, and an in-depth knowledge of ICS electronic technology. Anthony joined Wilson Group Companies in 2009 as co-owner of UFT with Ben Wilson, PhD. Anthony was integral in the upgrading of UFT’s state of the art granulation plant. His managerial position at UFT includes daily direction and coordination of UFT employees, and the logistics of daily plant operations. Anthony’s experience and leadership ability ensures UFT performs at peak efficiency and output levels.

Robert Bishop, Logistics & Packaging Site Manager

Robert joined Consolidated Process & Packaging, LLC as Logistics & Packaging Manager in February of 1993 and has 24 years experience with our company. He brings a total of 32 years experience with packaging and shipping to Wilson Group Companies and is an integral part of everyday operations at CP&P, our packaging and warehousing facility. He functions as site manager of CP&P and his daily duties include shipping and receiving of inventory, bag line management, and inventory management.

Woody Crawford, Transportation Supervisor

Woody Crawford joined the Wilson Group Company team in June of 1998 and has been with CP&P for over 19 years as Transportation Supervisor. Before joining our team, Woody had over 17 previous years experience in this industry. With a Bachelors of Science in Animal Sciences from Morehead State University, along with a total of 36 years of experience, Woody is an indispensible employee. Functioning as Transportation Manager, Woody’s coordinates the daily transportation of product inventory and materials between the facilities ANTG, UFT, and CP&P.  His other duties in the company include handling day to day operations and equipment maintenance.